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“Why?” – Does the word ring a bell? Well, maybe not, since not many of us have often looked at this word in the deeper sense and probably never tried to discover the essence behind it. But one man did and he found the answers and gave us theories to which we react with awe till date. Theories galore in an embellished career of brilliance along with witty dry humor much suitable to men of letters, very lively, interested in classical music and science fiction, he grew up to be a genius in the field of sciences and education.

He preferred to call himself a scientist first, a science writer second, and in all the ways that it mattered, a human being last. Yes, we are speaking of the genius who was named Stephen William Hawking, universally known as Stephen Hawking, whom we have seen through our growing years talking of theories with absolute elan and grace, as someone who did not mince his words to disagree with something if he really did.

“Technology changes everything”. How would it be if school could be wherever you are? Ashford University makes this possible. An online, for-profit university, Ashford is headquartered in California. The university being one of the largest educational holdings of Bridgepoint Education consists of four colleges: The Forbes School of Business, The College of Education, The College of Health, Human Services and Science, and College of the Liberal Arts. Ashford is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, and provides upwards of 60 programs for associates, bachelors and master’s degrees online.

Throughout the years, Ashford University has transformed from a small town college to a global university helping persons from all walks of life seeking professional advancement, get closer to making their dreams come true. It started off as Mount St. Clare College with an aim to award bachelor’s degrees to women. Later in 2005, Bridgepoint Education Inc., acquired the institution and gave it the name of Ashford University. The present President of the university is Craig D. Swenson, who believes in Total Quality Management and is committed to continues improvement.

Some individuals believe that online courses are not very impressive learning experience. But I surmise that is not really the case.

The comfort of learning at home has been a noteworthy offering of studying online courses. You can take off from bed to class in your night robe with no entertaining looks. You can go to class anyplace a PC can go—at home, a library or while voyaging universally. The thought is to effectively mix education into your life, regardless of your circumstances. Actually, the maximum numbers of students in online college courses are professionals, young and old, searching for an approach to switch fields, advancing their careers or expanding their horizon of knowledge. Online college courses give you the choice of part-time or full-time learning, and also a flexible calendar and sensible demands. Still there are deadlines and students should submit their work online, you can go to class and do your schoolwork at whatever time, anyplace.

Online college degree courses can be essential for your professional advancement, however fitting college into your life might not be possible. Online masters degree programs help in accomplishing objectives of advanced education without putting your life on hold.

Online masters degree courses let you attend class from anyplace you might be, all you need is a computer and an internet connection to interface with schoolmates, communicate with your educator and take an interest in group assignments.

For several students considering doing an MBA degree, online or on campus, having a high GMAT score can boost their profiles in several ways. A good GMAT score indicates good quantitative and verbal reasoning skills in a candidate and also sets aside a candidate from the rest of the pool. This helps universities distinguish students and decide which students suit their courses best.

Preparing for the GMAT can be quite a daunting task. There are several different approaches that can be taken and several prep companies offering a variety of courses. For example, you have the big companies like Manhattan, Veritas, and Kaplan who have been around for quite some time and you have other smaller outfits such as Magoosh who charge lesser and can be extremely effective. There is no real secret to cracking the GMAT. However, a minimum of 100 hours of study is required to ensure that you are at least giving somewhere close to your best effort.

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