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Education - Mind enriching or résumé fillers?

Education? Is it really an important tool to enhance knowledge or just another necessity to get a job to kick yourself out of the proletariat class and get into the realms of the while collared workers, how do you see it? Two sides of the same coin? Sounds like it? Well, it is, indeed.

Thinking about it, what comes to your mind when you think about education? Schools, colleges, infrastructure, faculties, books, classrooms, environment? What else? Tuition fees, scholarships, complete heads up on your choice of schools, universities, courses on offer; whether they are corporate courses or full time courses? With so many questions cropping up, we often wonder about how to find the answers.

In the last couple of decades, we have banked on snail mail, long distance calls or grapevine, apart from our families who are in close vicinity to schools of our choice. Options were limited since we were oblivious of other universities which may have been prominent or chose one which was heard off (only). However, now, with the advent of technology, days have changed, desk phones have changed to cell phones, snail mail has given way to emails and grapevine and families are no more always the preferred choice with the world wide web’s impact.

Confused? Well, let us allay that a bit. Simply put, we are mentioning the advent of the internet which gives us an insight of any school in any annals of our country. Today, with the internet and just by a few keystrokes we can learn about any school or university; its history, fees, popular programs, student ratio and much more.

We play the role of helping you get answers to all your questions on your choice of Universities, courses, insight on the environment, infrastructure…literally everything that you have ever wanted to know about a particular institution in order to pursue a course to enhance your educational profile. Well, then who are we? We are www.findmeaschool.com , a website which helps find everything you have wanted to know about that University to study in. Go ahead and take your pick out of the multiple Universities you have been considering. Questions, doubts, clarifications? Well, look us up. We are awaiting your keystrokes and are ready to help. Remember, www.Findmeaschool.com

Yes, that’s us.

Author: George

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