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Is an Online Education Right For You?

With the swift progress of businesses around the world that develop learning management systems and educational content, we have seen the rapid growth of online education at all levels from kindergarten to post-doctoral learning. In addition to universities that are solely dedicated to online education, we have seen many top schools around the world like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford that are constantly working toward the evolution of their online programs.

As someone who is deciding between a campus education versus an online program, it would be useful for you to understand not only the benefits of online courses but some of the key differences.

The primary benefits of online education are listed below,

  • In almost all cases, courses and full-degree programs offered online are cheaper compared to their campus equivalents.

  • Content can be viewed multiple times. This is a great advantage for learners who like to learn at their own pace.

  • The course can be taken remotely giving the candidate the opportunity to earn income by pursuing a job simultaneously with the course.

  • There are no time constraints for classes which is a great advantage for candidates who have families. These candidates can view content and complete the course at any time at their own discretion within the stated deadlines.

  • While these seem like great benefits, you must remember that the interactive classroom experience that a campus education offers can never be substituted by an online program. However, different candidates have different needs and with the job market moving from the demand for highly specialized individuals to highly diversified individuals, online education is the way forward.

    Some of the common areas in which potential candidates enroll in online programs include Criminal Justice, Engineering, Information Technology, Nursing, and Political Science. While undergraduate degree programs are available online, it is advisable to enroll in a campus program since the undergraduate campus experience is incomparable. However, if you are considering an associate’s degree program or a graduate degree program and would like to continue working at your job, an online program would be very suitable.

    It is important to remember that every candidate is different and adjusts differently to different learning environments. Irrespective of the opinions you have gathered, it would make sense to do detailed personal research before deciding if it is an online program or a campus program that is ideal for you. With regard to the brand value of an online degree, we are seeing that online degrees are beginning to carry a lot of weight and will in the near future hold as much value as degrees earned on campus. As far as possible, a candidate should try and enroll in an online program that is conducted by an institution that holds proper accreditations in the respective area. These accreditations are the core elements of an institution’s brand and are very important when a candidate is competing in the global job market.

    In conclusion, if you are looking to go back to school, remember to include an online program as one of your options. Most importantly, do you research, evaluate your alternatives, and pick what you think best suits your needs and goals.

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